Côte de boeuf

The côte de boeuf is one of the specialties of The Uptown Meat Club. This piece of meat has it all: a beautiful marbling, unparalleled tenderness and an explosion of flavour. Our côte de boeuf has undergone a dry maturation, which ensures an even more intense taste experience.

Premium beef rib with bone

The côte de boeuf is the rib of a beef. The meat comes from the first 5 or 6 ribs of the cow, the same piece from which ribeye is cut. The meat is on the front of the back and attached to the loin. Because the front of the cow is less muscular, côte de boeuf has a soft structure and is wonderfully tender. The small edge of fat and the marbling provide a full and rich taste. It makes sense then, that the côte de boeuf is also called the prime rib!

At The Uptown Meat Club, the beef rib is cut with bone from the Dutch Holstein cow. This breed has a dual purpose: After a 'successful career' as a dairy cow, they are used for the production of high-quality meat.

Dry aged côte de boeuf

Côte de boeuf is ideal for dry-aging. With dry-aging, the meat, bone and all (unpackaged) is aged in the air for a longer period of time. This is to make the meat even tastier. At The Uptown Meat Club in Amsterdam there is a special maturing cabinet in which humidity, air circulation and temperature (between 0°C and 1°C) are constantly strictly controlled.

During the ripening process, moisture is extracted from the meat. The meat loses more than 30% of its moisture and a black crust is formed on the outside. This crust looks a bit unappetising, but protects the meat against drying out and from bacteria formation. Moreover, the dry-aged côte de boeuf ends up on your plate without crust. The moisture evaporation gives the meat a concentrated and nutty taste. In addition, the ripening process ensures that the muscle tissue breaks down slowly, resulting in extra tender meat.

Dry aged côte de boeuf Amsterdam