What we do

The meat we use comes exclusively from Dutch ‘dual-purpose’ cows, a breed that first provides milk and eventually high quality, sustainable and wonderfully tender meat. Come and take a look at our Mibrasa charcoal oven, that gives our meat the best final touch!
We offer a wide selection of beef cuts, from 150 g up to 2,3 kg, to share … or not to share! If steaks aren’t your thing there is plenty more to feast on, with some excellent fresh fish, succulent main course lamb, chicken or burger as well as a variety of classic and creative starters and delicious side dishes.

Not forgetting our legendary home-made desserts, a perfect way to end a perfect meal.
Vegetarians are always welcome to try our options dedicated to them.
Our kid’s corner, with tasty options for the little ones, makes sure the whole family leaves us with a smile.

Selected wines from the world

From Italy to California, only the best matches for our steaks

Our meat

We are proud to use exclusively beef from Dutch Holstein cows, a 'dual-purpose' cattle breed that first provides milk, then enjoys a period of break, to release the stress and gain some fat, and eventually provides high quality and wonderfully tender meat. Reduced environmental impact, better life for the animals and super taste for your steak. Come and take a look at our dry-aging fridge and at our Mibrasa charcoal oven, unbeatable combination for a perfect dinner!

Creative & Classic Dishes

A combinatination of new and old ways of conceiving meat