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Reviews lunch and (group) dinners at Uptown Meat Club

I truly had the best burger I’ve ever tasted and a cold IPA, well two, which went down nicely. Dessert was a nice treat from Marina. I had to get back to the airport and she saved me a trip to a touristy coffee shop. Thank you for the fabulous service Bernie. When I’m back in Amsterdam, I’ll definitely return to The Uptown Meat Club. -  Claudine Carpenter Cross

Really great food! Service was super, we were totally pampered. Chateaubriand was the pinnacle of the evening best piece of meat I have ever eaten. Wine combination was perfect; we left everything to the lovely lady who helped us. See you soon again—definitely coming back to The Uptown Meat Club. - Dylan Harmsen

Had dinner here with my wife last weekend. What a great restaurant! Beautiful ambiance and super friendly staff who go above and beyond to give you a perfect time with them. And then the food—man, man how good. Great, beautiful piece of meat, perfectly prepared in a charcoal grill. It was a feast to eat at this steak restaurant in Amsterdam. Also very suitable if, like us, you eat KETO or low-carb, you can just use the entire menu!’ #KETO #low carb #bestrestaurantintown - Rene IJszenga

Awesome!! Went to this meat restaurant with my wife and children. Our hotel had recommended this meat restaurant. Many thanks for this concierge. The steak to share was perfect for us. We like to eat meat, but this meat is of a different quality than previous restaurants. Excellent and wonderfully tender. The children were also very happy. They even got colouring pages and an ice cream from the nice service. A fantastic end to our visit to Amsterdam. - Wouter Klunselaar

Had a very good meal at The Uptown Meat Club last week. They have an extensive menu and friendly staff. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to have a good piece of meat on their plate. Not only suitable for tourists but also for the ‘locals’ who really want to eat well! - Gerhard Prent

Excellent meat - the 28 day aged Chateaubriand tenderloin melts in your mouth. Also the side dishes are good, and of course the drinks. Friendly and knowledgable service who understand that customers don’t always reserve ahead of time, so walk-ins like us could be catered for. A thoroughly enjoyable experience at this best steak house in Amsterdam- highly recommended to all meat lovers. - Barbara Freischem

Had a lovely meal at this restaurant with a group of family members. Top quality for meat lovers. For example a Chateaubriand to lick your fingers. Enjoyed a beautiful matching Malbec red wine. Homemade desserts and super tasty. Friendly staff where you really feel like a guest. Good explanation about the dishes. The prices are higher than an average steakhouse, but this was worth it! - Ard Koopman

Finally a restaurant where you are not only welcomed hospitably but can enjoy high-quality food which is enhanced by the better wines. Highly recommended in Amsterdam center. Culinary high-quality dishes with traditional vegetables. These are prepared by one of the better Chefs who works with passion for meat. Excellent! - Raphael de Roo

Early September we had organized a private party/dinner together with Sebastiaan in The Uptown Meat Club, restaurant near Museumplein. Everything went very smoothly from the start and cooperation went smoothly. Menus were discussed and people with special diets were also accommodated. Food was great and the atmosphere and staff were very pleasant. Recommended. - Aida Hodzic (R-Events BV)

Good quality meat and very enthusiastic staff, what more could you want from a place that calls itself a meat club. Definitely worth eating just outside the center of Amsterdam. The Bavette is a must. Coffee is great. - Janine Eggen

The Uptown Meat Club restaurant is a very good restaurant to eat meat close to Vondelpark. The meat is excellent and cooking is exactly as you ask it. Fries are also excellent. The service is efficient, professional and friendly. They accept credit cards including the American Express. I recommend it. - François B.