Tenderloin is the most tender piece of cow's meat. At The Uptown Meat Club, enjoy a classic tenderloin with a creamy pepper sauce or nice and neat with a little salt and pepper.

The most beautiful piece of meat

Tenderloin is the English name for a tenderloin. The tenderloin is located on the inside of the cow's loin. This muscle does little work, which benefits the tenderness of the meat. Tenderloin is therefore known for its very fine structure and good taste. The tenderloin runs from thin to thick and covers both the left and right sides of the cow's spine. This allows the tenderloin to be 'split' into different steaks. For example, the head of the beef tenderloin is used for Chateaubriand. The middle part is cut like tournedos.

Tenderloin with a slightly smoky taste

The tenderloin can be prepared in different ways; in the pan, in the oven or on the barbecue. At The Uptown Meat Club we first fry the Tenderloin in a pan. For an optimal taste sensation, the meat is then placed in our Mibrasa charcoal oven. The charcoal oven provides a nice grill pane and a light smokey aroma, while preserving the natural taste. In our atmospheric restaurant near the Vondelpark, we serve Tenderloin of 200 grams.

Ossenhaas Tenderloin Amsterdam