The Tomahawk: Big in taste and size

With its generous size and bone still attached, you certainly say the tomahawk is an impressive cut of meat. At The Uptown Meat Club, we serve premium tomahawk steaks of at least 1.3 kilo. In this article, you can read about where the tomahawk comes from and how you can prepare it at home.

A rib-eye on the bone

The tomahawk steak is a large piece of ribeye with the bone still attached. The weight of the tomahawk is usually between 1.2 and 1.5 kilo. A huge piece of meat, but it can be even more extreme. At butcher shops and restaurants, you can sometimes find tomahawks of more than 2 kilo. And the tomahawk is not only great in size, but also in taste. The steak has a large amount of intramuscular fat. These are fat particles in the muscle tissue and ensure a tasty steak. The breed of cattle from which the tomahawk is cut also effects the taste of the meat.

Because of the bone, the steak has the shape of a battle ax, or a tomahawk—which is where it gets its name.

What part of the cow does the tomahawk come from?

The tomahawk is cut from the ribs (thick and fine rib). This part consists of a rack of seven ribs, located between the shoulder and the loin. Other steaks cut from this part include the entrecote and côte de boeuf.

Pork tomahawk

Typically, when you order a tomahawk steak, it will be a cut of beef. But the tomahawk can just as well be made from pork, also called a tomapork. The piece of meat in this case is cut from the rib of a pig. The result is a very thick rib chop with the bone still attached.

Tomahawk meat matured for an intense flavor experience

The tomahawk steak lends itself very well to dry aging. With this process, the meat is aged for 20 to 30 days under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, duration). All this is done in a special drying cabinet. At The Uptown Meat Club, we also have a dry-aging cabinet in which we let the finest pieces of beef mature. During the drying process, the meat loses a lot of moisture and therefore also weight. The flavors are even better concentrated in the meat. The result is a dry-aged tomahawk with a deep and intense flavor and a wonderfully tender structure. Read here to learn more about how this works.

Want to enjoy a Tomahawk steak? At The Uptown Meat Cub in Amsterdam, we serve Tomahawks up to 2.3 kilo

The juicy tomahawk steaks from The Uptown Meat Club

As a premium meat restaurant, The Uptown Meat Club in Amsterdam naturally also has tomahawk steaks on its menu. We are currently serving a 1.3 kilo tomahawk steaks and an impressive XXL variant of no less than 2.3 kilo. Both pieces of meat are excellent for sharing with table mates. The tomahawk steak is served in our restaurant with a sauce of your choice. Also take a look at our other meat specials such as Picanha and dry aged côte de boeuf.

Tomahawk steaks from dual-purpose cattle

The Uptown Meat Club only uses meat from the Dutch Holstein cow—a dual-purpose cow that first produces milk and then goes on holiday for a period of time to relax and put on more weight. Dual-purpose cows often have a larger body size than dairy cows bred solely for milk production. In addition, they may contain more fat and muscle tissue than beef cows bred solely for meat production. Breeding dual-purpose cows is often seen as a more sustainable and efficient method of animal husbandry, as fewer cows are needed to produce both milk and meat.

If you order a Tomahawk steak in our restaurant, you will receive a local piece of high-quality meat on your plate. An impressive rib-eye with bone that is even tastier than the same piece of meat from a beef cow.

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