Meet the Picanha steak

Picanha; The rump of the cow


The Picanha is one of our meat favorites. We proudly serve this special piece of meat in the shape of a triangle in our restaurant. The Uptown Meat Club would like to introduce you to Picanha steak. In this article you can read where the Picanha comes from and how you can prepare it at home.

What is picanha steak?

The picanha comes from the buttock of the cow. The muscles in the rump are not used very intensively by the cow, which gives the meat a tasty, tender structure. You can recognize the picanha steak by its triangular shape and the typical layer of fat on the top of the meat. This piece of meat is especially popular in South America. Picanha steak is excellent on the barbecue, but you can also prepare the meat in a pan or oven.

Discover the different types of picanha

Not all picanha steaks are the same. This is because the Picanha can come from different cattle breeds. Think of an Angus or Highlander. The breed and which feed it receives determines the taste of the picanha. Some well-known types of picanha are the Angus picanha, USA grain-fed picanha and the Wagyu picanha.

Preparing picanha: This is how you do it

Picanha meat can be prepared in different ways. There is actually no ‘correct’ method of preparation. It is highly dependent on your own taste and the tools you have at home. We will go through the most popular preparations of picanha with you.

Picanha on the barbecue

The picanha is well paired with the barbecue. Preparing the picanha on the barbecue ensures the characteristic smoky and grill flavour and a tender structure. A full taste sensation is guaranteed. A barbecue with a lid is best suited for this method of preparation.

Remove the picanha from the fridge and let it come down to room temperature. Before you put the picanha on the barbecue, you should cut the fat layer crosswise to create a diamond pattern. Then sprinkle the meat with some salt and pepper. The spices serve two purposes here: They give the meat flavour and the salt ensures a nice, juicy result.

The barbecue must be prepared in such a way that there are 2 zones (one hot and one less hot) with a temperature between 110 and 150°C. Please note that a core thermometer is a must-have tool for this preparation method. Let the picanha cook slowly on the barbecue until it has reached a core temperature of between 50 and 52 ℃. When the desired core temperature has been reached, the picanha can be wrapped in aluminum foil to rest. After about 10 minutes, the steak is ready to be cut.

Preparing picanha in the oven

Cooking picanha in the oven is, in our opinion, the easiest way to prepare the meat. You do need to fry the steak briefly in the pan beforehand. After a short fry in the pan, the picanha is ready to go into the (heated) oven. We recommend an oven temperature of about 120℃. You let the meat continue to cook until it has reached a core temperature of between 50 abd 52℃. Use a core thermometer to monitor the temperature.

The Picanha is full of flavor in itself. Do you still want to marinate the meat? Then choose a 'herb hub' of fennel seed, garlic and paprika powder.

Baking picanha in a pan

No oven or barbecue at home? No problem. You can also prepare the picanha with a simple frying pan. Let the picanha come to room temperature before you start baking it. With this method of preparation, you also make a diamond pattern in the layer of fat and grease this layer well with salt.

Make sure the temperature is high so that you can put the steak directly in a hot pan. A lump of butter or a splash of oil is not necessary—the picanha already has enough fat of its own. When the pan is hot enough, lower the heat and fry the picanha steak on the fat side for a few minutes. How long you have to bake the picanha in the pan depends on the thickness of the meat. After frying the fat side, turn the meat and fry it for a while (5 to 8 minutes). For the best result, let the meat rest for 10 minutes.

Perfectly prepared picanha at The Uptown Meat Club

The Uptown Meat Club is a real meat lover's paradise. On our menu you will find premium (dry-aged) steaks such as bavette and rib-eye. You can also order the picanha in our meat restaurant at the Vondelpark. We serve this beautiful piece of meat in a large portion of 600 grams. Ideal for sharing, or enjoying solo. The picanha is served with a green salad and a sauce on the side of your choice. Also take a look at our other meat specials, such as Chateaubriand and dry aged côte de boeuf.

At The Uptown Meat Club we understand that not everyone has the same taste. One swears by medium-rare and the other prefers it a bit more well-done. That is why you can determine the temperature of your picanha steak yourself with us. When placing your order you can inform us how you want your steak prepared.